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Business Start-up Consultancy

Creating your own business from scratch can be exhilarating, rewarding and liberating. However in the initial phases it can be a harrowing ordeal. Business Start-up requires a lot of complex preparations and strategic planning.  

Whatever stage you are into, we can help you in taking the next steps by giving an overview of business plan, the market place, and the target customer base. We also ensure the success of the financial side of your business plan which includes Pricing Policy, Overhead Absorption Rate and Cash flow Forecast which is an arguably the most important part of the business plan.

Business Set-up Consultancy

If you are planning to setup your business in UK, we can provide strategic services for setting up a new venture, ensuring confidentiality and responsiveness at all times. With our unique client- focused approach, we help all businesses by looking at their actual assessable from incorporation to trading along with their bank accounts.

Our Business Setup Services are aimed at providing invaluable support and hand holding to any foreign company investing in UK. We have a highly skilled team of consultants who will help you in establishing a sound communication platform and pull off the entire burden of designing website and other marketing materials.

Financial Feasibility Assessment

If you need assistance in doing Financial feasibility assessment, we can help you by doing it with highest precision and reliability. As a trusted partner in feasibility assessment, we offer you unrivalled experience gained across a diverse range of projects across all sectors and industries.

Our services are tailored to your specific needs and we can provide you the information needed to make an informed decision. Our highly experienced finance experts carefully assess your project to determine viability by considering all key aspects such as setup cost, cash flow forecast and profits. We also assist you in pre-empting risk accurately through our careful analysis.

If you are struggling for an accurate indication of the financial position of your business, we are happy to lift the burden off your shoulders.  We offer cost-effective, efficient and hassle-free bookkeeping services for businesses of all sizes not excluding year end accounts.

We provide truly flexible bookkeeping service that includes monthly services by post or email, with or without VAT. We also assist you in running payrolls and preparing year end accounts. We can guarantee your peace of mind by managing your accounts, accurately to ensure you do not incur any penalties for errors and late submissions.

Monthly Bookkeeping Services

CCTV Security & Investigations

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) has become a necessity both at workplace and home, in the past few years.  It allows you to keep an eye on your business or home twenty four hours a day from anywhere in the world. Businesses, banks, casino owners, shop keepers and home owners can use CCTV to protect their property from anti-social behaviour and criminal activities. It is not only a visual deterrent but also an invaluable means for capturing such activity.

The main purpose behind a CCTV system is security and surveillance.  It can be used as a standalone security option or in conjunction with other security products and services. Modern CCTV systems provide a useful source to gather information and act as a deterrent from intrusion, vandalism, theft and loitering.  A wide range of external and internal systems are offered for covert and overt installations, incorporating modern technologies to suit all budgets even when streaming over the internet.

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Understanding the unique challenges that a new businesses face, is second nature to us.  
The complexity and volume of establishing and managing the day-to-day operations from bookkeeping, marketing, finances and insurance can be demanding.  

If you have the right business Idea you feel compatible with, then we are the right people to help you, contact us by using the “OK” button above or give us a call.

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